These strategies helped me accept my mortality and live a fuller life.

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When I was at university, I drank red wine, read Descartes in bed, and pondered my own mortality and existence. What is the point of it all, I thought. Our lives are but fleeting moments in time. In a few decades, we’ll all be dead and so will everyone we loved.

I suppose it’s a right of passage — every university student who studies philosophy has to question the meaning of life and despair at the insignificance of their existence at least once. I am not sure they let you graduate otherwise.

In my case though, my existentialism was chronic…

Market disruptors like Clubhouse force social media behemoths to innovate — but will the new platform survive Twitter Spaces?

An iPhone against a white background displaying the Clubhouse platform.
An iPhone against a white background displaying the Clubhouse platform.
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Joining Clubhouse is like being welcomed into an exclusive club of entrepreneurs and early adopters. The new audio-only social media platform attracts 10 million weekly users. Industry experts can host a Room where they talk about their field of expertise and interact with the audience. Big names like Elon Musk and Neil Gaiman are on the platform and have hosted talks.

It is also exclusive. You need to be invited to join. I snagged an invite when a former PR contact from my days in journalism took mercy on me and sent me one. But people have gone as far…

Why I walked away from a promising job in journalism in the middle of the pandemic

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I lost my dream journalism job to the pandemic. In August last year, I was informed my regional reporter role was being made redundant. I felt numb — the career I’d been working towards for the last two years was snatched from me before I even had a chance to get started.

I’d worked so hard to get to where I was — from saving up to pursue a postgraduate degree in journalism to waitressing after classes to fund unpaid internships in the field, I’d done whatever I could to get my break.

As a non-native English speaker, I felt…

Journalism is no longer the realm of pushy chain-smokers with questionable morals

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Journalists are extroverted creatures. They are out there talking to people, knocking on doors, making hard phone calls. They are relentless and aren’t afraid to borderline harass you if it means getting the story. They cultivate contacts with the sole goal of scooping their competitors and making that front page.

Yet, for many the choice to pursue journalism comes from a love for books and writing. Like most bookworms who spend too long in the worlds they create in their own heads, I identify as an introvert. In primary school, before I got to the age where people start to…

Aim for a few quality clients who are willing to pay you fairly for your work.

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Do you value your time? As a newbie freelancer, it can be tempting to undercharge for your work in hopes of getting more clients and building a portfolio. I know the feeling because I am new to freelancing too.

I have a writing portfolio but that came from my salaried job as a journalist. Writing for a set wage at the end of the month is very different from pitching to clients, figuring out rates, and hoping someone will notice you when you’re completely new to the world of freelancing.

Last week, I decided to finally give Upwork a go…

Travel. Solo Travel.

When you’re stranded and find yourself at the back of a camper van, squashed between a drum set and a sweaty musician.

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Dingle is famous for its impromptu music concerts in little pubs that used to double up as hardware stores back in the day. There aren’t always gigs on, but there is usually someone who breaks into song or dance much to the delight of locals and tourists alike. On occasion, one of the little pubs will hire a local band for a bit of Irish music.

That time I got stranded in Dingle was one such occasion.

I was traveling through a work/travel arrangement where I got free room and board in a rustic B&B on the outskirts of Dingle…

I work full-time too and have had similar internal struggles that stopped me from pursuing any kind of side hustle up until recently.

Thanks for this, very valuable for someone just starting out.

Education is evolving to focus on soft skills like adaptability so children are prepared to face this brave new world.

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As a millennial, I am in that unique segment of the population that straddles two centuries marked by immense technological advances and rapid change. Starting education in the early 2000s meant I was part of the first cohort to benefit from 21st-century learning.

Our educators emphasised the need to develop skills like collaboration, digital literacy, teamwork, adaptability, and creativity. They saw these as imperative to a successful life well into adulthood.

But the change did not happen immediately. When I first started school, desks were still arranged in neat rows facing the teacher. …

Being embroiled in a Twitter argument showed me the arrogance and lack of self-awareness that some aspiring writers display

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There is a group of aspiring writers on Twitter who like to bash bestselling authors and claim their writing and storytelling are crap. Similar groups of writers exist on every platform. They are the high brow gatekeepers of ‘good writing’ who haven’t made it themselves yet, but who know exactly what quality work looks like when they see it.

How did those pesky successful writers make it on bestseller lists, then? Apparently, the vast majority of the population wouldn’t be able to tell a genius piece of work if it’s aggressively marketed to them through #writerslift a hundred times a…

An immigrant, a journalist, an explorer

Somewhere in Prague | Author’s own photo

I’ve lived in four countries across two continents and I’ve travelled to many more. I was born in Bulgaria, a tiny, insignificant post-communist Eastern European nation. It’s insignificant to everyone else. I happen to love the place.

I moved to the United Arab Emirates with my parents when I was 10. I didn’t speak a word of English prior to this. I lived in Dubai until I finished high school and then went to a liberal arts college in the Netherlands where weed is legal.

I spent my days studying international law, journalism and philosophy. I spent my evenings smoking…

Stela Gineva

Top writer in Journalism ✍️ A first-generation immigrant working in public engagement and clinical research with a background in journalism.

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