Stop Procrastinating and Smash Through Boring Tasks With the Pomodoro Technique

This time-management method is a godsend when it comes to blitzing through tedious tasks and getting your time back

A red tomato against a white background used to illustrate the Pomodoro Technique
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Enter the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is a time-management tool developed by Francesco Cirillo. Back in the 80s, Cirillo was struggling to concentrate on his studies when he developed the popular productivity method.

  • Rewarding yourself by putting a checkmark on a paper when you finish a Pomodoro to remind yourself how far you’ve come
  • Frequent breaks after each block in which to have a breather
  • A longer break after four stints in which to recharge

The free tool that will give you your time back

This free tool modelled after the Pomodoro Technique allowed me to experience the full benefits of the famed productivity tool. Created by Tokyo-based indie web developer Yuya Uzu, the tool is simple and effective.

How it worked for me

Working through tedious jobs was far more effective with the Pomodoro Technique.

  • Made sure any distracting tabs were closed. I did not let myself open them again until I finished my Pomodoro.
  • Opened a new window in my browser where I only opened documents related to the project.
  • Promised myself I would respect the breaks and reward myself when I finished.

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